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Next bike?

Next bike?

My bike history so far, I had a 00 fazer 600 hated it, cbr600 loved it and for the last year I had a zrx1200, also loved it but you knew it was a 2 ton beast!

I’d love a sports bike or something that’s a pleasure to ride, I don’t do big miles, 1k a year, only 10 mins to work and the odd weekend spin.

The lack of clean sports bikes on the market atm but I’ve been looking at a z1000 on DD 2003, yay or nay? Gonna try get a spin on one during the week but I’m hearing they don’t handle?…z-1000/9117686

I’m not gonna rush on something if it ain’t right or had a history! Passed off a k3 yesterday that looked mint on DD but I’d kick myself knowing it had been on its side!

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