May 4, 2015

First look Alpinestars GP Pro

First look Alpinestars GP Pro

The GP Pro 2 is a 1.3mm full-grain leather two-peice suit from those stylish Italians Alpinestars. Complete with Moto-GP inspired hump, it’s got an aggressive cut making it a perfect choice for sportbike riders.

I’ve been wearing an Alpinestars Sphere jacket (dropped from their line up several years ago) for the past 5 years. It allowed plenty of room for a thick jumper or hoodie underneath but this track inspired suit is having none of that.

This suit’s tight fitting, especially around the arms. I can wear a long sleeve tee underneath or windblocker but that’s about it. Still, it’s warm enough now to not need lots of layers. 

As a two-peice suit, the GP Pro gives a nod to practicality. I’ll often wear kevlar jeans with a leather jacket during the week and save matching trousers for more spirited riding at the weekends or longer journeys down to the coast. Where as some two piece suits I’ve owned have had a jacket that cuts more like a bikini top, this GP Pro jacket has a decent length back on it, minimising on draughty lower backs.

Both the jacket and trousers feature a removable and washable lining.

I wear a separate back protector but the jacket features a snap fitting for Aplinestars Bionic Race Back Protector (available seperately), with three different heights to fix the protector to. Talking of optional protection, the top also features chest pad compartments allowing you to upgrade the jacket with further ‘Bionic’ protection.

Pocket zips feature long tabs which are really easy to use whilst on the move for those ‘have I forgotten my phone, keys, wallet moments’. It’s simple things like these that can make a big difference to kit. Talking of zips, those around the wrist snap back into place. Hardly essential but a nice touch.

I’ve always found Aplinestars kit to be decent quality and the GP Pro suit is no exception. If it lasts as long as my previous jacket I’ll be a happy man indeed.

The Alpinestars GP Pro 2 piece suit can be found for £699 online.

Colour schemes as seen on the Alpinestars site include Black/Grey as shown above and Black, although I have spied a Black/White/Red colourway on other shopping wesbites.

Find out more here.

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